The Changemaker Institute supports social enterprises in their mission to create a positive impact on their communities and the environment through business.

Here, you will find resources to help you put your social enterprise in the best position to build communities and protect and restore the environment through responsible business practices. 


A commitment to excellence. A passion for sustainability. A space for meaningful engagement.


Impact-led Growth

We believe impact-led growth creates the most sustainable and profitable companies that improve the world. 

Sustainability & Profitability


Our programs move businesses toward sustainable and profitable growth and impact people and the planet positively.

Strategy Reimagined


We design programs that combine user desirability, technical feasibility, and economic viability to support social enterprises.


External interviews and presentations given.


Events on social impact and sustainable development.


Attendees and students at our programs and events.

Sustainable Development & Sustainability


With expertise in property, land use, and intellectual property law, we focus our work on preserving, sustaining, and restoring our limited natural resources through principles of sustainability.

At the same time, we understand that society continues to develop at an accelerated pace and focus our work on how society can achieve sustainable development in innovative, and creative ways.