Helping you create a positive impact on people and on the planet.

The Changemaker Institute provides curriculum, training, and education to businesses and entrepreneurs to position them as market leaders and increase their impact.


We specialize in mobilizing property, especially intellectual property, to create positive impacts on people and the planet. We believe that prioritizing innovation and creativity in an affirming, collaborative, and supportive environment is the best way to make an impact.
A commitment to excellence. A passion for sustainability. A space for meaningful engagement.


Impact-led Growth

We believe impact-led growth creates the most sustainable and profitable companies and guide your business towards an impact-based model. 

Sustainability & Profitability


Our programs move businesses toward sustainable and profitable growth and impact people and the planet positively.

Strategy Reimagined


We design programs that combine user desirability, technical feasibility, and economic viability to support your vision for your business.


External interviews and presentations given.


Events on social impact and sustainable development.


Attendees and students at our programs and events.

Our Methodology

We center our work on maximizing the economic and social values of real and intellectual property and on integrating the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements of business success in order to innovate and create workable solutions for your business and for society.


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