We Partner with Socially Conscious Businesses to Create Positive Impact on People and the Planet 

The Changemaker Institute provides curriculum, training, and consultancy to entrepreneurs committed to growing their business, increasing their impact, and developing their role as changemakers to create a positive impact in our world.

"Is your business positioned to create social impact to benefit society and the planet?" 

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Make a Positive Impact on Society Through Your Business


1. Create

We teach you how to find a social impact mission that is sustainable, valuable, and aligned with your personal and business goals.

2. Build

We show you how to integrate your social impact mission into your business so that your impact and business goals are aligned.

3. Launch

We help you launch your social impact business successfully to attract stakeholders, investors, and customers.

Our social impact goal is to develop quality, reliable, sustainable, and resilient infrastructure that supports economic development and human well-being, with a focus on affordable and equitable access for all. To achieve our mission, we empower our students and clients  to be successful social entrepreneurs that create, build, and launch successful social impact businesses capable of systemic change.

Today, more and more entrepreneurs and business owners are becoming aware of the importance of integrating a social impact mission into their business model. But for many, implementing a social impact mission through their business is daunting. Impact and profit goals are elusive for many businesses and entrepreneurs because they haven't figured out how to create an impact and build it into a workable business model that attracts customers, clients, and investors.

The Changemaker Institute is dedicated to showing socially conscious entrepreneurs and business owners a straightforward and simple, yet effective, way to build a business that addresses social and environmental problems in innovative and creative ways. We rely on data, research in science and the social sciences, and the expressive arts to show you how to change systems at a fundamental level to create a more equitable, inclusive, and resilient society.

Our Values and Philosophy

We believe firmly that a better, more equitable, and sustainable world is within reach if we take the right steps together. 


1. We believe that everyone is creative, innovative, and capable of having a profound impact on society.

2. We seek elegance, simplicity, and clarity in pursuing our impact goals and creating positive social change.

3. We trust that most entrepreneurs and business owners are in business to make a positive difference for people and the planet.

4. We understand that passionate individuals answering the call to make the world a better place are at the core of every socially conscious business and their well-being matters a lot.

5. We see supportive and engaged communities united through a common goal to make the world a better place as essential to any social impact mission.

Our core values






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