Changemakers World Podcast

Changemakers World Podcast

Hosted by: Alina Ng Boyte and The Changemaker Institute

Welcome to the Changemakers World podcast for social entrepreneurs and social impact businesses. Formerly the Heart-Centered Life Podcast, Changemakers World is for the busy professional on leading and living from the...


Reimagining Education for Student Centered Learning and Student Success | Episode 41

Season #2 Episode #39

Education is powerful because it changes and develops minds. A love for continuous learning facilitates growth, deepens humility, and enhances the yearning for a better world. Providing our children with high-quality...
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Sustainability with Rent and Return Wedding Florals | Episode 40

Season #2 Episode #38

  When I got married in the summer of 2012, I got fresh flowers. I wanted to symbolize a new beginning and welcome hopes of fertility, happiness, and fidelity. I splurged on the flowers and they arrived at our wedding...
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Fighting Cancer with Courage and Strength | Episode 39

Season #2 Episode #37

What would you do if you received news that turned your life upside-down and inside out in a moment? Sometimes, we receive bad news, news that we are unprepared for, and news that shake us to our core. Receiving bad...
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Engaging in Critical Conversations about Race | Episode 38

Season #2 Episode #36

  New Season  Season 3 Episode 38 Kicks-off A New Season of The Heart-centered Life Podcast   At the Heart-centered Life Podcast, we believe that positive change in the world happens when an individual manages to find...
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The Art of Intentional Living | Episode 37

Season #2 Episode #35

    What does success mean to you? In contemporary society, success is often synonymous with the attainment of wealth, status, fame, or eminence. The more we have in terms of material and worldly wealth, the more...
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Coming to the Presence | Episode 36

Season #2 Episode #34

    We are often told to live in the present, a temporal frame which grounds up in the now. The reason this is important is that it is easy to dwell on our regrets in the past and worry about future events that may...
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Gratitude as an Antidote to Perfectionism | Episode 35

Season #2 Episode #33

  We live in a world that exalts perfectionism and many of us are perfectionists. Many times perfectionism hinders progress, improvement, and growth. This is because when we expect things, including ourselves and the...
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Setting Up for Entrepreneurial Success and the Legalities to Work Out | Episode 34

Season #2 Episode #32

  Navigating the legal terrain as you set up as an entrepreneur can be tricky. There are a lot of legal issues to think about and figure out if you are trying to start off as an entrepreneur - whether you are a...
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Funding Your Start-up with Angel Investors | Episode 33

Season #2 Episode #31

One of the questions that often arise with start-ups and newer entrepreneurs is: how do I fund my business and take it to the next level? Often, entrepreneurs start with bootstrapping and using their existing...
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Finding Success as a Heart-centered Entrepreneur | Episode 32

Season #2 Episode #30

Entrepreneurship is not an easy path. The top personal traits that make a successful entrepreneur include discipline, confidence, open-mindedness, proactive, competitive, creative, determined, excellent people skills,...
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Reinventing What You Do For Work, Finding Meaning, and Feeling Good About It

Season #2 Episode #29

    Taking risks in life can be frightening especially when the payoffs are uncertain. Many of us would rather stay in a comfortable position than pursue something that makes us feel passion, excitement, and joy....
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Understand Emotions and Improve Relationships with Creative Journaling

Season #2 Episode #28

We all face emotions that can sometimes overwhelm. Maybe it is a difficult colleague at work who triggers our most visceral reactions or a stressful event that we are struggling to get under control. We all face those...
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