Changemakers World Podcast

Changemakers World Podcast

Hosted by: Alina Ng Boyte and The Changemaker Institute

Welcome to the Changemakers World podcast for social entrepreneurs and social impact businesses. Formerly the Heart-Centered Life Podcast, Changemakers World is for the busy professional on leading and living from the...


Creativity During During a Global Pandemic

Season #1 Episode #17

Creativity is an innate skill that we all possess but so few of us use it to our advantage. Our ability to see new connections between disparate ideas, identify patterns in analogous spaces, express our inner thoughts...
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How Painful Life Experiences Can Hold You Back Without You Realizing It

Season #1 Episode #16

Human beings have brains that are wired to dwell on negative thoughts and the negative things that happen to us. Cognitive scientists call this the "negativity bias" because a negative event affects us much more than...
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How to Do Good and Make Money at the Same Time

Season #1 Episode #15

We tend to think that creating social impact and making profits are mutually exclusive endeavors. The former belonged to the public sector, which included government, non-profits, and foundations, while the latter was...
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Why Diversity Matters

Season #1 Episode #14

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to talk to Kevin Hofmann, the author of "Growing Up Black in White." Kevin's warm-hearted book draws attention to the difficulty of growing up as a person of color in...
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The Value of Personal Story Telling

Season #1 Episode #13

I believe that creative expression is essential to personal transformation and business or professional success. However, creative expression has to be authentic for transformation to happen and for businesses or a...
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How to Nurture Your Creative Passion as a Busy Professional

Season #1 Episode #12

Have you ever had the desire to pursue a creative passion - writing, music, art or making a movie - but dismissed the calling as impractical or unrealistic? Maybe you are a busy professional or entrepreneur and...
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Episode 011: The 5 Steps to Career Bliss: An Interview with Betty Kempa

Season #1 Episode #11

Have you ever been in a job or career that just did not align with who you are or what you are about? Many times, we end up in jobs or careers because we took one logical step after the other. The problem with being...
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Episode 010: Optimal Wellness for the Busy Professional: An Interview with Wendi Michelle

Season #1 Episode #10

In this interview for the Heart Centered Life, I talk to entrepreneur, published author, precision wellness specialist, health advocate, food and supplement formulator and hope expert, Wendi Michelle, about how to get...
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Episode 009: Sustainable Jewelry Design: A Conversation with Courtney Weller

Season #1 Episode #9

In this interview, I talk to Courtney Weller about sustainable jewelry making. Courtney is a jewelry designer who founded the World of Indah, a luxury, fashion-forward and organically sustainable brand of beautifully...
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Episode 008: The Mosaic: A Tapestry for Heart Centered Living

Season #1 Episode #8

This was a great interview with Daniel Levin, the author of "The Mosaic," a wonderful book about a young boy's search for heaven. In his quest, the boy, Mo, meets people who impart nuggets of wisdom on how to live a...
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Episode 007: Interpersonal Wellness: How to Live Well, Work Well and Play Well

Season #1 Episode #7

In this podcast episode, I interview Joyce Odidison. Joyce is a Certified Training and Development Professional with the Institute for Performance and Learning, a member of the International Association for Worksite...
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Episode 006: Starting the Creative Journey

Season #1 Episode #6

I recently interviewed Jackson author, Latoya Lawson, about her book Ma'Sitter. In the interview, we talked about her book and her plans for the next installment in the series. We also talked about how she finds the...
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