Honoring Your Purpose as a Social Impact Leader | Episode 54

Season #3

The word "purpose" is often used in social impact spaces. Sometimes we use the word to say that a business has some form of mission to benefit others and that is its "purpose." Other times, we use the word "purpose" to say that a person has focus and direction in what he or she does. 

In this podcast episode, we explore what purpose "means" to a social impact leader. Our guest, Rayne Martin, takes us through a more nuanced meaning of purpose, which ranges from finding a story that gives your purpose and knowing what you're really about to focusing on high-impact activities and managing low-impact ones and empowered thinking. Rayne talks to us about the opportunities that come up for purposeful social impact leaders and the challenges they face in being purposeful and how to overcome them.


Rayne's Bio

At a very young age, Rayne was interested in making the world a better place for everyone. At 12, she staged a boycott against worksheets because they were not teaching her friends. In high school, she demanded school officials provide her classmates with the college entrance exam, and she stood with her black friends when they spoke out against the fact that their school had a ‘black’ and ‘white’ beauty pageant. She had a vision for an equitable and diverse world, and she's never been afraid to fight for it.

Now, she's the founder, and chief leadership coach of It’s the Impact, a leadership firm supporting leaders and changemakers who are looking to build up the world with lasting impact. During my 25 years of executive experience, she held many titles and directly led organizations with hundreds of employees and millions of dollars of services. She led an award-winning coalition to reshape statewide education legislation designed to ensure that all children, regardless of race, received a high-quality education. She created and scaled an innovative effort to end inhuman housing relocation processes. She brought vital services back to a neighborhood that had been neglected for 20 years, and she rebuilt the first-of-its-kind school district after a natural disaster. Now, she uses her experience and unique strengths to help leaders dig deeper into their purpose and vision, fine-tune their strategies, overcome mindset blocks, and build the pathway to success in their big audacious dreams to see a better world for everyone. 


Resources mentioned in the interview



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