Building a Business Around A Successful Impact Program | Episode 52

Season #3

Every successful social enterprise mastered 2 skills on its journey to success. The first is having a sustainable impact on their communities and in society and changing outcomes for their stakeholders. The second is having products and services that sell and a business model that is scalable and profitable.

A business that focusses too much on creating an impact eventually runs out of funds to sustain their impact work if it does not have a profitable business that can support its impact goals. The singular most important goal of a social impact business should be profitability and growth. A business that focusses too much on profitability and maximizing shareholder wealth eventually loses its relevancy in the market as increasing demographics of socially conscious consumers choose to spend their money on businesses whose values align with theirs and who care about people and the planet.

In this episode, Emily Stuhldreher discusses her role as program manager at Give Back Hack, her company's success with building social enterprises through its innovative community building programs, her focus on business development to be sustainable in the long run, and her hopes for the future of social impact. Emily also discusses her hopes for the future where radical collaboration will push companies to collaborate and seek solutions to social and environmental challenges together, instead of in competition with one another. Emily also wishes to see more technology company focused on social impact.

About Emily

Emily leads the GiveBackHack team as our Program Manager. She spends her time building the social impact launchpad at GiveBackHack, coaching social entrepreneurs, and empowering communities through facilitating workshops and events. As a coach, mentor, and facilitator Emily empowers others to understand that they already have everything they need to be successful. She has logged over 100 hours as a GiveBackHack facilitator and is known for her ability to energize and engage her audience. Her coaching super power is helping entrepreneurs simplify their biggest challenges. Emily is a Program Manager by day and a Social Innovation enthusiast by night. She is passionate about leveraging systems thinking to build sustainable solutions, creating true social impact in our communities.

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