The State of the Social Impact Space | Episode 51

Season #3

The state of the social impact space is ever-changing and evolving. When I spoke to Paul 2 years ago about social impact, we were at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and could not have envisaged the impact the pandemic would have on people's priorities, outlook, and choices. These changes affected markets of all sorts - from capital to commodities to professional services and travel - as consumer behavior and buying decisions morphed with the impact of a global health crisis. 

We are 2 years into the pandemic and hopefully on the tail end with international borders opening up. It is in this context that Paul and I speak again about the state of the social impact space, but this time, with the hindsight of how the pandemic has changed people's outlook and influenced their desire for more equity and transparency in the work place and corporations that are more socially responsible and concerned. Personal well-being has taken a center-stage as more and more people prioritize family and loved ones over endless workhours and being in perpetual motion on the metaphorical hamster's wheel.

Paul's insights are spot-on. Companies, if they are to thrive in this day and age, must care about their impact on their communities, on society, and on the environment.

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