Deepening Your Impact by Building Community | Episode 48

Season #3

One of our values at the Changemaker Institute is community because a community allows you to grow as a leader in the social impact space but it also provides your members a place to come together and find encouragement, support, and hope. But how do you build a community organically and develop a culture around it that it becomes a place of belonging that is valuable to its members and creator?

In this episode, we welcome our first guest as the Changemakers World Podcast. Wil Shelton is the President & CEO of Wil Power Integrated Marketing, which has grown into a global marketing agency that leverages the unique culture of salons and barbershops to build a bridge between today’s brands and hard-to-reach, multicultural customers.

Because of his deep connections and understanding of the beauty industry, Wil is able to help both growing and legacy brands produce creative campaigns that authentically speak to the multicultural consumer. Some of his successful partnerships include clients such as AT&T, Amazon, Universal Pictures, ABC, Fox, and Interscope Records to name a few.

Wil is also the author of The Silent Agreement: An illusion of inclusion. This is a call to corporate America action to assess their sincerity in sharing solidarity with the Black community and to deepen their commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the corporation. 

 PDF download on Building Communities to Create a Social Impact


Connect with Wil

twitter: @WLpower

IG: @imwilpower

FB: @imwilpower

Wil's book, The Silent Agreement: An Illusion of Inclusion in Black Corporate America