#40: State of the Social Impact Space | Episode 42

Season #3

The past 2 years have been challenging for many of us both on a personal and professional level. But trends in the social impact space have been particularly encouraging. In this podcast episode, I explain the evolution of the Heart-Centered Life podcast into The Changemakers World podcast. The reason my team and I brought back the podcast was to allow us to continue to build and engage our community as well as provide resources that support entrepreneurs as they create, build, and launch social impact businesses. Because the COVID pandemic and sudden shift in how we operate and live as a society caused many people to question our individual role and business purpose in our communities, I wanted to start the podcast by discussing how encouraging the social impact space and inviting you to answer the call for social entrepreneurs to create positive change in the world and offer some clarity around how to go about creating that change.

I also talked about the 4 modalities that regulate human behavior and how focussing on changing one or more of these modalities will create long-lasting and sustainable social change. The 4 modalities are:

1. laws: can you change laws and regulations to enable social entrepreneurs to do more good? Consider New York's Fashion Sustainability and Social Accountability Act, which requires brands doing business in New York to prove that they're working with the planet and people in mind.

2. norms: what sort of norms can you change to create a change in human behavior which in turn will create a long-term impact? Consider how Millenials and Gen Z's are changing norms around corporate philosophy as they demand more accountability and kinder humanity from businesses.

3. markets: is there any way that you can improve market conditions to create a more sustainable and equitable society? For example, can you meet a market demand for sustainable products or provide consumers with enough information about your impact so that they can make informed buying decisions?

4. architecture: can you provide infrastructure e.g. access to information, the internet, medical treatments where none existed before?

This week, to gain clarity about your impact mission, I encourage you to take stock of you and your team's collective experience, background, knowledge, and expertise and figure out which of these 4 modalities you can most effectively change so that you change human behavior and create a more positive impact in the world around you.

There is so much good you can do in the world through your business - and I want to encourage you to do what you feel called to do.