Reimagining Education for Student Centered Learning and Student Success | Episode 41

Season #2 Episode #39

Education is powerful because it changes and develops minds. A love for continuous learning facilitates growth, deepens humility, and enhances the yearning for a better world. Providing our children with high-quality education and the lenses to understand the world around them is the “most powerful weapon which a [civilization] has to change the world.”

We need to commit to teaching our students soft skills such as creativity, innovativeness, empathy, and inculcate in them a genuine interest and curiosity in the world around them if we want to create a better world. Teaching technical and analytical skills is at the center of formalized education today and while we teach our children important building blocks in math, science, languages, and social studies that develop the intellect, formalized learning do not intentionally incorporate softer, more “emotional” skills that build a student’s love for lifelong learning. This unfortunate omission produced students who are disengaged, bored, and rebellious. 

Lindsey Wander, who founded and runs World Wise Tutoring and a non-profit, Educate. Radiate. Elevate., believes that the love of learning is inherent in human nature. She’s made it her mission to provide all students, regardless of economic background, with the soft skills that underlie the love for learning and independent thinking. In this interview, we talk about her mission, strategies to keep students engaged and curious, what’s working and what’s not in American education, and her hope for the future.

About Lindsey

Lindsey studied to become a Biomedical Engineer and earned a B.S. in Biology, a B.A. in Chemistry, and a Minor in Mathematics. She took part in various science-based internships the world over to her passion and an environmental educator internship in Pennsylvania inspired her to return to college and become a biology teacher in California. Lindsey loved having her classroom and seeing her “kids” every day, inspiring a joy for learning within them while discovering new and creative ways to teach complex subjects.

When Lindsey moved to Chicago several years later, she became a full-time tutor. Through her professional and personal experiences, she could quickly assess her students, molding her teaching style to maximize their strengths and reshape their weaknesses into positive traits. She taught them how to learn, so they are always in the powerful position of being able to help themselves. This custom approach ensures they’re given every tool necessary to be successful, building their confidence and skills enough to be independent learners. She now shares her experience and method with her highly qualified tutors so that they can help more students become lifelong learners. 

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