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The Biggest Problem for a Social Impact Business is Implementing Aspirational Goals

Your journey as a changemaker begins when you make the decision to make a positive impact on society and our planet. That journey can be rewarding both personally and financially. But social impact goals must be executed property so you can go two things well: be financially sustainable so you can support your social mission and create change with real impact on people and the environment.

We work with you to design and implement processes, systems, and strategies that are human-centered, sustainable, effective, impactful, and profitable so that you can confidently transform your aspirational goals into workable solutions for your business, customers, and community.

Our goals and objectives in working with our clients and students are to ensure:

  • increased clarity about your business and impact vision, mission, and strategy.
  • an alignment between business and impact goals.
  • systems and processes are placed to maximize impact and profitability simultaneously.
  • design of products and services that are feasible, viable, and desirable.
  • the development of commercially valuable intellectual property rights.
  • outcomes in 5 impact areas - governance, workers, community, environment, customers.
  • value in 6 business areas - brand, talent, capital, risk, operational efficiency, innovation.

Ways to Work With Us

Done-for-You Design

If you have a clear social impact mission and vision but need support in designing processes, systems, or metrics to accomplish your big vision goals, we can support you by designing the course of implementation for you. Whether you've got an important mission to create social impact in your community and need the processes and systems designed for you or have a specific need to get an impact program running with the right metrics to measure your key performance, we can help.

Done-with-You Advisory, Coaching, and Mentorship

You have the desire to create a change in society and make an impact through your business. You know that this will be rewarding and personally fulfilling and you feel called to a higher purpose. But you're not sure what your next steps, your mission, and your end goals should be. We partner with you and show you how to design a social impact program that is effective, sustainable, and which creates business value.

Training and Education

We provide training to your organization, company, C-suite members, employees, or board of directors on corporate social responsibility and social impact programs, including corporate and social impact strategy, competitive positioning on pro-social strategy and impact-based investments, and social impact program development. Our training and education focus on the 5 impact areas essential to social impact businesses: governance, workers, community, environment, and customers.

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Book a time for a free no-obligation consult


Book a time for a free no-obligation consult