Sustainable Jewelry Design: An Interview with Courtney Weller

heart-centered life sustainable design Feb 22, 2020

In this interview, I talk to Courtney Weller about sustainable jewelry making. Courtney is a jewelry designer who founded the World of Indah, a luxury, fashion-forward and organically sustainable brand of beautifully crafted jewelry. Courtney's Indah factory is based in Indonesia and employs village locals to craft and produce her jewelry and as a result, provides local villagers with a sustainable livelihood. 

In this interview, we talk about Courtney's creative journey, from the time she gets and idea for a piece of jewelry design until the time the jewelry reaches the market. We also talk about where to find inspiration for creativity and how to engage with the larger community to find support for the entrepreneurial journey. I hope you enjoy this conversation.

Here are links to connect with Courtney:

The World of Indah

Courtney's Facebook Page

The World of Indah Instagram Page

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