Stuck in a Career Rut? Here are 5 Steps to Career Bliss

alignment career satisfaction wellness Mar 13, 2020

Have you ever been in a job or career that just did not align with who you are or what you are about? Many times, we end up in jobs or careers because we took one logical step after the other. The problem with being in a job that you are unhappy or dissatisfied with is that it depletes your energy and dampens your spirit. Find a higher purpose to what you do in your daily life and being in alignment with it is essential to the heart-centered life.

In this episode, I talk to Betty Kempa, a career coach who helps high-level executives, especially women, transition from a job they do not like into their dream career. Here Betty talks candidly about the 5 steps she walks clients though to take them from an unhappy career situation to one that is fulfilling. Here are the 5 steps Betty takes her clients through:

1. Unpacking Your Story

Unpacking your job history to identify why you may be unhappy with your current job and what you actually do like about your job as it is. Find the moments in your day that makes you truly happy. Monitor yourself for a week and make a record of what makes you truly happy at the end of every day. These simple records can be very insightful.

2. Clarifying Your Vision

What is your life plan (how do you want your life to look like and your career goals should match your life goals)? What is your mission statement (and your mission statement SHOULD match your company's mission statement) if you are to be happy and thrive in that company.

3. Gathering Clues about Yourself

Assessments that reveal your career preferences, your strengths, life and career values, talents, and personality (such as the Myer Briggs  personality test) can help you gather clues about the type of career or job that would make you the most satisfied.

 4. Narrowing Your Clues Down

Sift through all your clues and separate your values into what is "non-negotiable" and just "nice to have." At this point, you would also engage in some research and interview people doing work in careers you are interested in to find out whether that career path is really something you want to be on. Listen to your gut as well. Do you feel expansive or do you feel tight in your stomach when you imagine yourself in your potential new career path?

 5. Making your Transition

When you are making the transition to a new career, re-brand yourself and rewrite your resume. Instead of sending application letters to companies you think may be your ideal place to work, network instead and try to transition into your new job with the help of your network. Who knows who your hairdresser actually knows?

Some questions to ask yourself if you are unsure about your current job situation:

1. stress and anxiety: is your job the greatest (or one of the greatest source of your anxiety)?

2. money: even if your job is so bad, can you afford to quit your job? can you afford to not quit your job?

3. family: are you missing time with your kids or is the relationship with your spouse affected?

4. values: are you able to use your talents in your job? is your job aligned with your values and life mission?

5. people you work with: do you have a good relationship with the people you work with? are their values aligned with yours?

Betty's advice: You are not trapped even if you feel that you are. So, just take one step this week to get some clarity and if you know what you want, take a small step in the right direction.

Links to resources mentioned in the podcast:

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